Mastermind Criminal: A group of morons and misfits stumble upon a worldwide conspiracy to destroy the ruling class… And now they insist on helping.

38 Pages. Crime of the week sitcom. MASTERMIND CRIMINAL

Camp Charwak: Siblings Neeresha and Sahim, fresh out of jail and rehab respectively, are strong armed into running their family’s new-age retreat center.

34 Pages. Sitcom.

Timeshares: In order to save their jobs, the sales department of the Aloha Breeze agree to star in a reality show created by a ruthless, exploitative producer.

36 Pages. Mockumentary Sitcom.

Crash and Burn: When Maggie is raped at a bachelor party she takes judgement into her own hands.

18 Pages. Dramatic Thriller Short.

Waiting for the World to End: The varied ends we go to preserve, embrace, and destroy the human spirit when faced with death.

17 Pages. Mixed Genre 15-Minute Interstitial.

1937 Jewish Mafia/German American Bund Coming of Age Story: When his parents are killed, everyone has an opinion on what sixteen year old Tobias Levy should do with his life. The Jewish Mafia protectively closes ranks, attempting to recruit him into the family. His godparents encourage him to pursue his love for music, introducing him to the African-American swing scene. His counselor and mentor pushes him to focus on his college applications; his future. And his heart pulls him towards forbidden love. Loosely inspired by true events.

58 Pages. 1 Hour Period Drama.

1965 Filipina in Berkeley Coming of Age Story: Young farm girl Lucila is sponsored by the Marcos Administration to attend Seminary School at UC Berkeley in 1965. The initial culture shock is quickly diminished by the soft flutterings of romance, but soon the legacy of the 1964 protests collides with her past, and Lucila must choose between two countries and the different futures that each holds. Based on a true story.

86 Pages. Period Dramedy.